As parents, we want to raise our children to be as healthy as possible. We want to feed them the right meals, ensure they value exercise, and set them up to continue to make the right choices as they age and gain independence. But even with the best intentions, many parents don’t know what truly is healthy to their growing children.

When the stress of parenting weighs on your shoulders, it can be easy to fall into unhealthy habits because they are perceived as what is “easy.” Rather than cooking a healthy meal, it becomes appealing to go through a drive-thru. In a busy day, skipping a trip to the park or walk around the block seems necessary. But even with the demanding schedule of a family, being healthy isn’t as difficult as it seems.

We have created this website to help families create a kid-approved healthy lifestyle. It is never too early to introduce healthy habits to our children and the earlier they become a part of their everyday life, the more likely they are to continue making those choices as they age and develop independence.

Through the articles and posts shared on this page, we hope to help our readers and their families in the following areas:

  1. Eat Well-Balanced Meals and Snacks

Sure, eating a fast food cheeseburger seems like a cheap and easy meal, but it can be just as cheap and easy to have an at-home meal full of nutrients that our bodies need. We hope to share a variety of recipes and meal ideas that are easy to make and will keep our families properly fueled and ready to tackle their days ahead.

Keeping healthy snacks around the house is also important. When we get hungry in between meals, it can be tempting to reach for junk food like cookies or chips, but it is much better for us if we instead reach for fruit and vegetables. We share snack ideas that keep those healthy ingredients interesting and will make your children choose them over their unhealthy rivals.

  1. Family-Friendly Exercise

It isn’t likely that you’re going to bring your toddler to the gym, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t exercises or activities that can keep your child fit. We share tips and tricks to getting the entire family active and keep your kids from spending their days planted in front of a TV or video games.


Our exercise routines appeal to children of all ages and level of activity. From just playing simple games outside to walking around the block, kids are never to young to begin considering their fitness.

  1. Managing Stress

Being a parent is very stressful. Regardless of the age of your children, they can be unpredictable and uncontrollable. We understand that, but we also know how damaging stress can be to the body. That is why we hope to help the entire family reduce their stress levels.

Meditation and relaxing can be very beneficial to people of all ages. Although it can be difficult to understand what our young children can be stressed about, even the simplest of problems can bring them worry. By instilling meditation and relaxation tactics when they are young, they will carry the habits with them into their independent years when stress can be a true problem.